Rob Dalrymple


Rob has been a servant of Christ pastoring and teaching seminary, college, and high school in various forms of ministry for the past twenty-five years. His passion is to equip the Church around the world to serve His kingdom by preparing men and women for service in the Kingdom of God.

Beyond his studies in the New Testament and biblical Interpretation, Rob’s areas of specific interest include the book of Revelation, Apocalyptic, and Eschatology. His credentials:

  • Earned an MA in Philosophy from Liberty Baptist Seminary in 1996.
  • Earned a ThM in Biblical Interpretation from Westminster Seminary in 2003.
  • Earned a PhD in Biblical Interpretation and New Testament Studies from Westminster Theological Seminary in 2008.

Rob is happily married to his wife Toni and he enjoys their four children ranging from newly married to middle school age.

He is currently the Senior pastor of Northminster Presbyterian Church in Bakersfield, Ca.


One thought on “Rob Dalrymple

  1. Scott Brown says:

    Pastor Rob, Great to find you which by the way was at We Hold These Truths. So glad I am currently listening to your webcast on Zionism. WHTT fills many folk need for an honest evaluation of the State of Israel and I will purchase “These Brothers Of Mine” as a theological reference.
    I have already bookmarked your two websites and I feel you can help me become more Christlike!
    Thank you for what you do and for being brave to tackle issues that so many are afraid of the smears certain groups will label them with.

    Scott Brown

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